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Watchman Monitoring

Affordable Remote Monitoring

Watchman Monitoring is a UK manufacturer of remote monitoring equipment that has produced a cloud based monitoring solution that will retrofit to older building stock. With 24/7 monitoring and customised auto alerts, faults are diagnosed before they reach a critical level.

Cambridge engineers are trained in the installation, operation and interpretation of the data from the Watchman system. In turn this enables a proactive approach to maintaining your properties more efficiently.


  1. Immediate Energy Savings
  2. 24/7 visibility of plant operation
  3. Reduced Planned Maintenance costs
  4. Immediate notification of plant non-performance
  5. Better contractor client relationship
  6. Cloud solution
  7. Non intrusive installation

Below is an example of the sort of live feed that Watchman Monitoring can provide. This is real data, coming directly from the Cambridge Maintenance offices.

Normally our own control desk will monitor these feeds on your behalf, to ensure that your facilities are running smoothly. We can then deal with any issues before they become a problem.

All of your key property assets under direct remote control.

Through our data the contractors can police your energy policies ensuring temperatures are kept to agreed levels, or that energy consuming plant is operating to agreed time scales. With our simple report structure it is easy to genuinely operate a building to its maximum efficiency.

We can bring intelligent building profiling to even the oldest property portfolios.

Our technology retrofits into any building. We monitor temperature, humidity, pressures, light levels, comfort cooling, energy consumption and more contact us for a full list of our sensors. Customisation allows you to set the frequency of readings and thresholds for alarm alerts actioned by your contractor or your site staff.

Watchman Monitoring offers many other benefits. You can confirm when a service has been carried out, or a light switched off.

You can send a gentle, automatic reminder to the appropriate person if they haven’t done what you wanted. You can enforce energy policies: for example, ensuring that temperatures are kept to agreed levels, or that energy consuming plant is operating to agreed timescales.

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