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Watchman 4D Monitoring

Affordable remote monitoring

The first truly affordable building monitoring system

Watchman 4D Monitoring records the performance of all your critical systems over time, and transmits that data to our maintenance centre using the latest Cloud technology.

With 24/7 monitoring and customised auto alerts, faults are diagnosed before they reach a critical level.

So our engineers can attend your site fix those systems before they fail.

What data can we collect?

Below is an example of the sort of live feed that 4D Monitoring can provide. This is real data, coming directly from the Cambridge Maintenance offices.

Normally our own control desk will monitor these feeds on your behalf, to ensure that your facilities are running smoothly. We can then deal with any issues before they become a problem.

If you wish, we can also supply you with a customised online feed for your own peace of mind – although it’ll generally be a lot less complicated than this example!

Installed as part of your contract

There’s no need to update your existing equipment: sensors are discretely retrofitted as needed.

Transmitters are powered by Ethernet, each unit linking multiple sensors to the
network to reduce costs still further.

In fact, the cost to install Watchman 4D Monitoring is often less than that of a standard periodic maintenance agreement.

It is also significantly less expensive than the installation of new equipment, or third party building management and control systems.

Monitor compliance, save energy

Watchman 4D Monitoring offers many other benefits. You can confirm when a service has been carried out, or a light switched off.

You can send a gentle, automatic reminder to the appropriate person if they haven’t done what you wanted.

You can enforce energy policies: for example, ensuring that temperatures are kept to agreed levels, or that energy consuming plant is operating to agreed timescales.

And disputes with individual tenants – for example, over temperatures in a particular office – can be immediately resolved by looking at the actual data.

All that data can be shared with facilities managers, site operators and agents for use in reports or to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our in-house IT department can configure the service to meet your needs precisely.

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